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Free Photo Sittings and digital files – Kate Nagle Sonoma County newborn photographer

Attention anyone who has had or is having a baby in July 2015!!


Santa Rosa newborn photographer Kate Nagle



Free Photo sittings with free digital files for 12 months! This is for anyone.

What I am doing: A personal project that speaks to my heart. Babies and chronicling a passage of time. It’s very simple… once a month on the same white background, some hand knit garments sometimes (I’ve been knitting), some simple props and your cute baby.

What I am not doing: I’m not trying to lure you in so I can sell you more. Most likely there will be only one or two images that I will edit and hand over, but I can promise there will be at least one! You can take it and print it all you’d like.

What I would love from you: A google, yelp or Facebook review so that everyone can hear about your experience at my studio. I will post your photos on Facebook so you can share them with friends and spread the word about my services too.

The details: Please bring your baby to my studio once a month. The date will be predetermined so hopefully you will be able to plan for it. I will provide the clothing and props. At the end of the 12 months I will be so excited to see all 12 of your baby’s images together!

Please please share this with anyone you know who is in the area, someone knows someone having a baby in July!

If you are interested in participating, please send me an email with your name, your baby’s name and his/her birthdate (or tentative arrival).  I’ll get back to you with the first shoot day.