Baby Boy – Santa Rosa Photographer Kate Nagle

I learned to knit when I was a teenager and revisited the craft in my thirties.  One of my best friends opened up a yarn shop about 10 years ago and although don’t  knit as much as I’d like, I can pull it off for small projects like baby hats.  This little guy looked pretty dang cute in the little elf hat.  I have a huge collection of hats for photo sittings, check out my studio page and you’ll see them hanging on the wall! If you want to learn to knit, I highly recommend checking out Cast Away Yarn Shop in downtown Santa Rosa. Here is a link to the site.

newborn baby knitted hatnewborn baby knitted hatnewborn baby knitted hatnewborn baby knitted hatnewborn baby knitted hatnewborn baby knitted hatnewborn baby knitted hat

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Mugsy Memory Project

The Mugsy Memory Project held at Hidden Valley park in Santa Rosa in November was a huge success.  Some families had lost their homes and simply needed a current photo for their Holiday card.  Other families were needing an annual family photo and were happy to contribute to the cause. We rocked the shoot if I do say so myself.  Between three photographers we managed to squeeze 25 families into 10 minute slots throughout the day. What we managed to do in 10 minutes was pretty awesome! We’re looking forward to another day coming up.  Sign up and either receive a free shoot if you’ve lost your home, or give a donation of $75.  We give all the money to the North Bay fire relief fund at the Redwood Credit Union. We’re so proud of our Sonoma County strong families and hope to continue to use photography as a healing tool for everyone. Sign up for your next session here.