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Sometimes I wonder if the way in which I style a shoot and edit the images is too far from reality.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what this means about me and my business.  There are many photographers who document lives without composing any shots and edit their photos (or not edit) to look completely as they were in real life.  Here is what I have come up with that works for me and my outlook on my job…

When a photo is hung in your home, it’s something that you see every day, it’s something that reminds you of a specific moment in time and can spark feelings of an era gone by.  I love being reminded that my family is important to me and of a fun day we shared together. I edit my family photos so that when I glance at the image, I see something that makes me happy.  I do edit photos to look somewhat dreamy. I do this because this is how I want to remember our connection. We don’t live in a dream all the time, but  I strive to be better every day, I hope we all do.  My family photos are a reminder that we hold our connection through it all and that time is passing quickly. Each day counts. I look back at photos of my husband and I before the wild little boy of our dreams was born and remember that our love was strong.  It’s a reminder that we can live by our foundation of love we created when life may have been simpler.

Maternity photos are a sort of  “Calm before the storm” and I am honored to witness to the great transformation of couples without a baby to a family of three. More to come from these two as they wait through their last weeks of pregnancy. Talk about a glowing mother!!

Santa Rosa maternity photographer Kate NagleIMG_5541-Edit



I’ve been inspired by the Dutch Master era lately.  Looking at how beautifully they were able to paint light is something I know will help me understand my medium too.  It’s really not easy.  I have several great fellow business owners that have helped me see this vision too. Nichole at California Sister is a wonderful Florist and Gwen at Hendly hardgoods makes awesome reclaimed wood serving boards. Here are some of the images that came from two separate shoots. The mother and child photos are hopefully the beginning of a series.  It’s hard to find willing mammas as being photographed during this period feels a bit vulnerable, but I know from my own past that it’s so nice to look back on this time.  I started with young babies but thinking now an older child would be really beautiful too.


More to come!

Sonoma County Photographer Kate NagleDutch Master BabySonoma County Photographer Kate Nagle
Sonoma County Photographer Kate NagleDutch Master BabySonoma County Photographer Kate Nagle