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About me – Sonoma County newborn and family photographer Kate Nagle


  1. I’ve been in and out of Sonoma County my whole life
  2. I went to school to become a photographer- I graduated in 1998 (I’ve been professionally shooting since then.. almost 15 years!)
  3. I’m a Mom, I have a teen daughter and a two year old boy.
  4. I separate work and play- I work hard when I can and I play even harder.  I do crazy things like rock climb and surf and I also like mellow things like gardening and reading. UPDATE- I’m raising a little boy and have a teenage daughter.  I chase him and clean and make food and bark about homework in my spare time.  I’m trying to find the zen in it. …. Help?!
  5. I photograph 4000 students in the fall with a company called Mugsyclicks.  It’s a great company that I’m proud to be a part of.  In fact, if I don’t photograph your kid at school, you should let me know and I’ll work towards it.  Here’s a link www.mugsyclicks.com
  6. I photograph many subjects- People are my favorite but I’m happy to try just about anything……. except wine bottles.


My family had a big box of pictures that was completely disorganized which made it soo much fun.  My philosophy regarding printing your photos came from this time I’m sure.  The actual print was part of the fun- holding it, passing it around, putting it on the fridge, bringing it to school, these are all things I believe in. With technology ever changing, I encourage my clients to remember to make prints so that generations to come will be able to enjoy the photos you have taken. Who knows what new format will be introduced next year, leaving your hard drive and all it’s contents a distant memory.

Here is my mantle this week. I have an ever changing vision for this spot.  I do my best not to overlap but it seems this week I’ve failed.

Sonoma County photographer Kate Nagle