meet Kate

I love what I do.  I love my life with my crazy kids (one world traveler, one seriously wiggly and silly) and my husband (a daredevil athlete with a heart of gold). I wake up every day knowing that there is something to look forward to.  I’m overly optimistic and ignore the news (it doesn’t mesh with my happy path). I’m not exactly bubbly but I’ll be there for you if you are. I want everyone to feel comfortable with me and go out of my way to “read the room” and seize the opportunity to make a connection. I’m happy to skip the small talk and hear all about you. 

I’ve been through some pretty scary stuff so pretty much nothing really phases me anymore... except the absolute notion that family and your support system are crucial to happiness and to health. Having photos on the wall of your loved ones as they are now is something I believe in.  Some may see a family portrait as a fake moment in time,  I see it as a perfect and constant reminder that you are a family unit that sticks together. Let's get started!  If you'd like to know about my scary year, you can read about it here (but be ready for a ride). 

My favorite Things vacations
baby giggles
people watching
huge salads
lemon bars
nice linens